Acknowledgements and Sources


  • My special thanks go to the individuals and institutions listed below :-
  • The late Mr.D.W.H.Neilson of Catton Hall, who kindly  lent me his copy of the catalogue of all the documents in the Catton Collection.
  • Dr.S.Taylor of Barton, who gave me valuable advice relating to the transcription.
  • Mrs.W.Casey, Secretary to the late Mr.D.W.H.Neilson, who gave me valuable assistance.
  • Mr.L.Blacknell of Barton, who kindly scrutinised the script.
  • Mr.E.Bletcher of Derby Central Library (in 1969).
  • The Corporation of London Records Office, Guildhall, London.
  • The Public Records Office, Chancery Lane, London.
  • The Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Chancery Lane, London.
  • The Department of Romano-British Antiquities, British Museum, London.
  • The Department of Manuscripts, British Library, London.
  • The Duchy of Lancaster, Lancaster House, London.
  • Derbyshire Records Office, Matlock.
  • Lichfield Joint Records Office, Lichfield.

Further information came from the following sources :-

Gerald Carey

Barton under Needwood,1999.