The Great Upheaval of 1971-1972 As Seen Through Photographs

The Great Upheaval of 1971-1972 As Seen Through Photographs

An excavator moves onto the site in January 1971 Looking north between 'A' Block( left ) and 'B' Block in February,1971. The 'Link Block' was due to fill up th gap between these two buildings, whilst the site of the School vegetable garden later to become 'C' Block, lies behind. Note that the workmen are closing the exit from 'A' Block for the last time.

Another view of the southern end of 'C' block in the late spring of 1971 Further Work on the 'Link Block', 1971

Another view of the framework of 'C' Block in February, 1971. Note the new Canteen/Kitchen complex on the extreme right. A close view of the Canteen/Kitchen complex in Spring, 1971.

These two photographs, taken in the Spring of 1971, show the shell of the southern end of 'C' Block nearing completion. Link Block has not been started.

By the early Summer of 1971, work was well under way on the interior of 'C' Block. This view shows one of the Science Labs.


Another view of the southern end of 'C' Block in the late Spring of 1971. Work on Link Block is just starting. further work progressing on Link Block in late Spring, 1971.

By the early Summer of1971, the construction of Link Block was well on course. This presented considerable difficulties because of the confined space in which the contractors had to work.

Work on Link Block was completed in January, 1972, shortly after this photograph was taken. This view, looking towards the southern end of 'C' Block, shows that work on the new Canteen/Kitchen complex is progressing well.

Barton Youth Centre, opened on the 4th July, 1969. An aerial view of the school taken on the 12th July, 1971.The Library was near completion when this picture was taken in 1975 The Youth Club, beyond, was built some years earlier. A scene of Winter snowballing photographed in later years from the Geography Room in 'C' Block.The Sports Hall, opened in September, 1976. The new Modern Language building, 'E' Block, opened in September, 1996.