Barton Manor Preface


Ever since coming to live in Barton in 1959 I had wanted to know something about the geographical extent of Barton Manor. There was a great deal of talk about whether or not there was a manor house and, if there was one, then when did it exist and where was it situated? I was not aware of anyone questioning the size of the manor. Perhaps it was just assumed that the boundary would be the same as that of the civil parish. Perhaps I assumed that too.

However, it was my wish to draw a map of Barton Manor which led me to search for some definite information, and this I found in a document dated 1609. I was very surprised by the description I found. It was more detailed than I expected, yet not quite as detailed as I might have wished. There are a few places where the manor boundary is not made absolutely clear, so I have had to use some discretion.

Although it was never my intention to delve deeply into the history of the manor, it was inevitable that some material would be gathered on the way. Being an amateur, and not a professional historian, I feel that the historical content of what follows leaves much for future researchers to add to, and amend. I regard this as just a starting point.